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Unlock potential and scale your business.

Our strategy session is your launch pad for growth. Let's analyse, plan and implement a strategy together that will take your business to a new level of sales.

Strategic Session.

Strategy session covers key areas

Mission and Values: 

Determine and articulate the fundamental beliefs and purpose of your organization, aligning your team and strategies with those beliefs and purposes.

Long-Term Vision:

Set ambitious, long-term goals that inspire and guide your organization towards its aspirational future.

Strategic Priorities:

Identify and focus on the key strategic areas that will drive your organization towards its goals most effectively.

Brand Strategy:

Create a brand strategy that resonates with your audience, making you stand out from the competition.

Action Plan:

Develop an action plan with steps, timelines, and success metrics to implement your strategies.

Road Map:

Create a visual roadmap outlining both short-term actions and long-term goals, while maintaining focus on the main direction.

How the process works

Strategic Session
Action Plan
A clear strategic vision: Let's develop a concept of long-term goals and business development directions.
Growth strategy: Let's define the key areas that need to be focused on in order to achieve the result.
A unique brand strategy: Positioning model, naming, messages and ways of communicating with TA.
Action plan: Let's develop a clear and detailed action plan with steps, deadlines and responsible.

Workshop facilitator

Hello! My name is Oleksandr, a former Marketing Director and Brand Strategist with experience in cooperation with renowned international and local companies. My professional journey spans a diverse array of businesses sectors: IT, Crypto, FinTech, Telecom, FMCG, Agro, Retail, Tourism, and Services. My value to the business is driving growth through the development and implementation of marketing strategies and strategic planning.


Brands I have worked with - OTP bank, Adama Ukraine (agro), KEEP TALK Kazakhstan (online service), Ekolavka (retail), Illusion (coffee), Azmol (oils), Shymkent Brewery, Brewery No. 1, Umanpivo, Arasan Kazakhstan, Katerina Vlasyuk (lawyer), Tourist Club (tourism), Molokia (dairy), Lactonia (dairy), TSUM (retail), Baristy (coffee), President (dairy), Galetto (snacks),  Zhivchik (beverages), Starokievsky kvass (beverages) Carlsberg, Tuborg, Holsten, Obolon, Zibert, Hike.

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I've known Alexander since he started paving his path from an in-house CMO into full scale brand strategy advisory. Alexander can offer a great value - as a service provider, partner and manager.



Alexander has a wealth of marketing strategy and execution experience. We worked together at Slavutich (Carlsberg Group Ukraine) on a plan that transformed the On-Premise marketing and sales, generating double-digit sales growth and a genuine brand-building tool. I recommend him highly to any company in need of marketing strategy consultancy and support.



I was working with Alexander in Carlsberg Ukraine were he recommended himself as a strong and reliable marketing manager. Dedicated and solid in his approach, he is able to deliver against defined work plan targets in time and in full. He acts with an urgency, passion and always able to inspire his team and partners to reach the sky. 

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