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In 2 hours, you will receive answers to key questions. 
Marketing Brainstorm.

Time is of the essence, and we understand the urgency of your marketing questions. We specialize in brainstorming sessions that offer effective marketing solutions within 2 hours.

Why Brainstorming?

Brainstorming brings together people with different experiences and perspectives, encourages creative thinking, allowing the team to create non-standard solutions.

Brainstorming accelerates this process by providing a special space for analyzing challenges, generating ideas and developing effective solutions in a short period of time.

Brainstorming creates a collaborative environment in which team members can openly share ideas. This promotes a sense of unity, encourages open communication and often leads to innovative solutions.

Brainstorming allows your team to find new ideas and opportunities for growth, and come up with creative solutions that can differentiate your brand from competitors.


How the process works

Submit Your Query
Schedule Your Session
Brainstorming in real time
Ideas and solutions

Tell us about your marketing challenge. The more details you provide, the better we can tailor our brainstorming session.

Choose a convenient time for your live, interactive brainstorming session with our marketing expert.

Engage in a dynamic conversation with our Marketing Director. Ask questions, find solutions, develop a marketing strategy.

In just 2 hours, you will receive a plan of practical solutions that will help you achieve the company's strategic goals.

🚀 Ready to change quickly? Write your questions right now and we will help you find a solution.

Brainstorming Expert

Hello! My name is Oleksandr. I'm an Entrepreneur and ex-Marketing and Strategy Director with a track record of developing well-known international and local brands, with innovative thinking and strong analytical skills.
Brands I have worked with - OTP bank, Adama Ukraine (agro), KEEP TALK Kazakhstan (online service), Ekolavka (retail), Illusion (coffee), Azmol (oils), Shymkent Brewery, Brewery No. 1, Umanpivo, Arasan Kazakhstan, Katerina Vlasyuk (lawyer), Tourist Club (tourism), Molokia (dairy), Lactonia (dairy), TSUM (retail), Baristy (coffee), President (dairy), Galetto (snacks),  Zhivchik (beverages), Starokievsky kvass (beverages) Carlsberg, Tuborg, Holsten, Obolon, Zibert, Hike.

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I've known Alexander since he started paving his path from an in-house CMO into full scale brand strategy advisory. Alexander can offer a great value - as a service provider, partner and manager.



Alexander has a wealth of marketing strategy and execution experience. We worked together at Slavutich (Carlsberg Group Ukraine) on a plan that transformed the On-Premise marketing and sales, generating double-digit sales growth and a genuine brand-building tool. I recommend him highly to any company in need of marketing strategy consultancy and support.



I was working with Alexander in Carlsberg Ukraine were he recommended himself as a strong and reliable marketing manager. Dedicated and solid in his approach, he is able to deliver against defined work plan targets in time and in full. He acts with an urgency, passion and always able to inspire his team and partners to reach the sky. 

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